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 eccp is not working? Here are the Top 5 Best eccp Alternative Websites to Helping us in Finance in 2020.



Professional Edition – increase in the number of products – improvement in speed

Algeria Post application, the new one that contains all our products is free; As it facilitates your life and compensates you for every step you take to go to post offices


From now all you have to do is run the application and when the main interface appears, choose from these services what you want:

* Latest important news
* Calculating fees applied when withdrawing
* An adequate and comprehensive explanation of the gold card and its services
* Explanation of drawing without a card
* Written application form to retrieve the gold card
* Re-issuance of the golden card secret code
* Add “Banksy” service
* My Credit Service (ECCP)
* Send service
* My mail mob
* Requesting a gold card
* Postal code
* Track your parcel

__ Private service __
* Postal services
* Financial services
* Cash services (gold)

Business Services
* Financial services. Postal and cash
* Postal services
* Neighborhood services

__ Postal networks __
* List of post offices
* List of mobile post offices
* List of automatic windows
* List of Postal CCD Centers
* List of postal processing centers (CTR, CPX, CTNI)
* Contact list of state mail units

____ philatelic ___
* Profiles of postage stamps
* Series of philatelic publications since 1962

About Algeria Post
* Presentation on Algeria Post
* A historical locality on the Algeria Post

__ Space for postal workers ___
* Announcements of competitions and nominations
Online training

——– News and developments – ——
* Daily news
A word from the General Manager

—— Notices and tenders ——-
* Directorate General
* State postal units

——- frequently asked questions – —
* electronic services
* Financial services
* Postal services (letters and parcels)
* Postal network

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05 Best Alternatives To eccp

1- Baridi Mob

It is a mobile application that provides you with a panel of postal payment and financial services from Algeria Post. It helps optimize your time, manage your CCP account, and self-service operations, from anywhere, anytime.


How can I access Baridi Mob’s services?

– Subscribe to the service at
– Launch the Baridi Mob application.
– Enter your mobile phone number already registered with Algérie Poste.
– Enter the number of your electronic payment card.
– Enter the expiration date of your card, then press Continue.
– You will receive a membership confirmation SMS.
– Enter the one-time code (OTP) received by SMS and press Continue.
– Enter a user account and a password.

What services does Baridi Mob offer?

– Consult in real time the balance of your CCP current accounts.
– Consult the statement of your last 10 transactions made via the Algerian Post electronic payment card (Mini statement)
– Request an opposition or release of your electronic payment card (Blocking / Unblocking)
– Make transfers from your CCP account to other CCP accounts (holders of the Edahabia card)
– Geo locate the park of Automatic Ticket Offices (ATMs) of Algeria Post.
– Geo locate postal establishments.
– Receive useful information.

– Use the official Algeria Poste Baridi Mob application published on Google Play.
– Carefully read the terms of use displayed when installing the Baridi Mob application.
– Create a personal user account in the Baridi Mob Application.
– Observe the instructions for setting your password and use it strictly for personal use.
– Log out of your Baridi Mob application once you have finished using it.
– Install reliable applications and security tools on your Smartphone.
– Make your Smartphone personal use.

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2-Electronic Financial Services

We are pleased to put in your hands the first application at the global and Arab levels! It facilitates the most important services related to banks that support Algeria, with the highest levels of protection and transparency.

– You can apply (electronic financial services) by requesting all the cards (Paisera, Tronsvar Waze, n26) for all Algerians across the various states of the country and in a very short time, about 10 days only !! Very affordable and competitive!

– Not only that but also provides you with the balances of your cards for each of the banks (Paysera, Tronsvar Wise, N26, Pioneer, Cashio) in various quantities and the fastest shipping service available, where the payment is proof at the same time! And in a legally acceptable form.

– This application also provides Gift card gift cards for each of (Visa, Master Virtual, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Amazon, Skype, and others …) and in various categories and exclusive discounts!


Electronic Financial Services
Electronic Financial Services

– Our application is based on the easiest and most popular payment methods available in our country, where you can pay through your mobile phone via the BaridiMob application, or through an automated teller machine (ATM), or through post centers spread all over the country.

– An electronic financial services application that came in order to meet the needs of Algerians interested in the world of shopping, especially electronic payment and withdrawal services.

We promise you a lot of surprises and many services that you will like, so make sure to check the latest update of the application periodically.

– Application (Paysera Services) from the idea of ??the responsible brother Hafayna Abdel Hamid and the implementation of the smart programmer Daho Mezian

– The application is affiliated with an electronic financial services page that has achieved (more than 11 thousand followers currently, more than 200 positive opinions through the opinions section, connected more than 2000 cards, sold millions of funds in hard currency, published hundreds of transactions on the page, with distinguished technical support, thank God ).

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3- Electronic muezzin

The electronic muezzin is the companion of the Muslim in order to maintain your prayer

with the electronic muezzin application that provides you with the call to prayer and prayer times with complete accuracy according to your country and city, and alerts you with the most beautiful sounds of the call to prayer during prayer times in the call to prayer screen, which includes everything that a Muslim needs to perform daily worship.


Electronic muezzin
Electronic muezzin

Application features and features:

– (Prayer times) appears on the main screen in the form of the mosque’s electronic clock
– (Azan screen) displays the call to prayer when the time for prayer
arrives – (Qiblah direction) Determines the direction of the qiblah.
– (Daily remembrance) that a Muslim needs at all times.
– (Hijri and Gregorian Calendar) in one place to facilitate the user.
– (Ramadan is the holy month of Ramadan) with an alarm for Iftar and Suhour time.
– (Muslim Companion) Morning and evening, remembrance after prayer, and the timed remembrance mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah.
– (The Seal of the Qur’an) helps you to complete the Qur’an in effective and stimulating ways.
– (Multiple languages) supported by the application until it reaches every Muslim, so he contributed by publishing it.

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4- أنيس المسلم

Anis Al-Muslim is the best Islamic application as it contains more than 35 Islamic features that help a Muslim in his daily life,
as it contains the Holy Quran with the voice of more than 130 Quran reciters, such as the reciter Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Mishari Al-Afasy, Islam Al-Subhi, Hazza Al-Balushi and Abu Bakr Al-Shatry Many other reciters
also contain the entire Muslim fortress and more than 700 supplications and remembrances to draw close to God, glory be to Him, and strengthen the faith,
such as morning remembrances , evening remembrance, great remembrance , the Prophet’s supplications, home remembrance, adhkaan, mosque remembrance, prayer remembrance , ablution prayer, supplication mosque Supplications for the deceased, food remembrance, Friday remembrance, sleep remembrance, the virtues of the Qur’an, the supplication for the end of the Qur’an, the merit of supplication, the merit of remembrance, the legal promotion etc.
Anis Al-Muslim application also contains the Noble Qur’an in full and arranged with several features of its own to facilitate reading, such as the index and the possibility to save the mark for later reference. It also contains the facilitated interpretation, Saadi interpretation, Baghawi interpretation, syntax and the meanings of the words of the Holy Qur’an.
It also contains the possibility of determining the duration of the conclusion where the period of which is determined You want to stamp the Holy Quran in it and the application divides to you how much you read per day and sends you a daily notice of reading to finish your stamp
and also contains prayer times with the call to prayer
and also contains the automatic remembrance feature that appears on your phone screen after each period you specify
with a notification for the morning and evening remembrances Sleeping and alerting to reciting the Holy Qur’an and several alerts specified by the Muslim and the believer
. Anis al-Muslim application contains the “Computer Yourself” section so that the believer can hold himself accountable daily if he fulfills his Islamic obligations
It also contains the property of building your paradise that helps the believer in reading the dhikr and the fortress of the Muslim.

أنيس المسلم
أنيس المسلم

Anis al-Mu’min includes the Hijri calendar, religious events and the Zakat calculation feature
. Anis al-Muslim also contains an electronic rosary, a characteristic interpretation of dreams in letters
, a compass to identify the direction of the direction of the qiblah and the feature of identifying the nearest mosque to help the believer and the Muslim in his daily life and
contains sermons And audio lectures for many of the speeches and lecturers, with a radio for the Holy Quran
You can also test your Islamic culture and answer the Islamic questions in the Anis Muslim application. Do not
forget to evaluate the application and share the application and pray for us for success to offer you more

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5- Air Algérie

Air Algérie mobile app enables you to:
– Book flights: at the cheapest prices to more than 30 domestic and 40 international destinations.

-Book multi city flights : You can book until 6 different destinations.

– Manage your trips: by memorising your flight selections and flights search. You can choose your preferred seat and meal (If available).


 Air Algérie
Air Algérie

curnnt domain : Algérie mobile app enables you to:
– Book flights: at the cheapest prices to more than 30 domestic and 40 international destinations.

-Book multi city flights : You can book until 6 different destinations.

• With Edahabia and CIB cards. This payment method is available for purchases of airline tickets with departures from Algeria.

• With Visa or MasterCard: This payment method is available for purchases of airline tickets with departures outside of Algeria.

– Plan your trip : with Air Algérie Timetable of scheduled national and international flights (flights per week/hour)

– Track your flight status: you can check the status of your flight in real time from your smartphone with Promotion cards displayed in the home page.

– Support different langauges : Our application is available in 3 languages.

– Find closest airport : with the geolocation option that shows your current location on Google Maps.

– Manage your trips: by memorising your flight selections and flights search. You can choose your preferred seat and meal (If available).

– Check in: Save time at the airport with the online check-in, you can select your seat and save your check-in receipt on your smartphone. Once at the airport, you just have to get your boarding pass.

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