voir film – Best Alternatives to Watch movies and downloading movies

voir film are not working? Here are Top 5 Best Voir films online Alternative Websites to Watch Free Online Movies, Action films, thriller films, Romance films and Clips in 2020.


voir films
voir films


We Know voir film online or offline are not working well all over the world. So here we telling you the top 10 best alternatives which will help you out to watch movies online and suggest some awesome websites and Apps that are alternative of voir film online or offline.


Watch HD Film is an application that allows you to watch HD streaming movies, series, manga and anime for free, as well as movies that are still in theaters without registration. There is no time limit, watch and download your favorite movies and series freely with no time limit.

With this application, you will no longer miss your favorite series episodes in VF and VOSTFR. In case you can’t find the movie or series you are looking for, don’t worry, you just need to use the movie request form, and we’ll add it for you in a few minutes


Features of This App


1 Regularly updated content
2 Watch Movies and Series for free, without registration and without time limit
3 Request a film or a series from a form / Report a broken link.
4 Download Free HD Movies & Series.
5 Search function to quickly find a movie or series.
6 Share movies and series with your loved ones using the share button
7  Subscribe / Log in to leave a comment.

What is voir film?

voir film online is a free android app to watch online and download films that are free and available for free on the internet.
If you are looking for a free, no-registration streaming app to watch HD quality movies, series, manga and anime anywhere you are, WATCH HD MOVIE is the solution for you.

Voir Films Series HD Best Alternatives.

1- JustWatch – The Streaming Guide  for Movies & Shows

JustWatch is the easiest way to browse through your favorite movies or tv shows to see if they are available for streaming at any of your favorite video services.
100% legal offers
check the legal offers available for movies or TV shows, either you want to watch them streaming online or at the cinema. We list all offers for 85+ streaming services Easily find where to stream movies and TV shows online amongst 85+ legal video services in the United States, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video. Worried about what your kids can watch online? We added age ratings to help you select the best and most suitable movies and TV shows for your children.

just watch
just watch

Features of This App

✔ 100% legal streaming offers: watch movies and TV shows online through paid subscriptions, free streaming, streaming with ads, renting and buying (as download)
✔  Watchbar: select your favorite video services amongst 85+ available and filter different attributes like genre or release year.
✔  Search Engine: 90,000+ movies and shows listed with trailers, synopsis, cast, ratings and VOD offers.
✔  Timeline: stay up-to-date with our daily list of new releases for movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and 83 other providers.
✔  Popular: find where to watch the best movies and the best TV shows online.
✔  Price Drops: enjoy every day the best deals for renting and buying movies and TV shows online.
✔  WatchList: turn your Smartphone into a remote – queue movies on your device without a login required.
✔ Login: create an account and synchronize your Watchlist on all your devices­

Current Domain: https://www.justwatch.com/

2-TV Time – Track Shows & Movies

TV Time is a tracking platform for TV and movies on IOS, web and web available in multi languages. The TV tracker helps series fans navigate their viewing experience. It enables users to track what they are watching, how they are watching, when they are watching, and why they are watching. TV Time also lets users react and comment on episodes and movies within the app’s community. Users are not able to watch shows or movies with TV Time.

Features of This App

* Connect with friends and join the community
* Create memes, comment, reply to others, and share to social media
* See what other fans are saying, spoiler-free and read reviews
* See where your shows are available
* Keep track of what you’re watching now – all in one place
* Build a complete library of what you’ve previously watched
* Manage your shows and movies with a personalized calendar
* Create a to-do list of episodes and movies to watch later
* Receive alerts and notifications when new episodes and movies are available
* Get personalized show recommendations based on what you’ve watched
* Vote on your favorite characters and rate episodes and movies

tv time
tv time

Current Domain: https://www.tvtime.com/

3-Hobi: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows

Hobi is a simple, lightweight TV tracker with lots of goodies for all series lovers.

Make the most out of your TV time with Hobi.
Hobi will notify you when a new season premieres or when a new episode airs.
Track your seen episodes with our special episode tracker.
Use Hobi whenever you need a TV guide

Features of This App

* Discover the most trending TV shows
* Countdown to the next episode
* Know where you left with built-in TV tracker
* Explore premiere dates with TV guide
* Get notifications and reminders for new season premieres
* Backup your shows to Trakt or Google
* Full Trakt.TV integration & Trakt sync
* With Trakt you can get all your up-to-date information synced on every device.
* Full control over notifications
* Series manager & series guide & TV tracker
* Customise your notifications
* View the channel and network your series is airing on
* Over 50,000 shows in our series guide
* Mark episodes you’ve seen to remember what you need to watch next
* View latest releases from various networks
* Browse all episodes for all shows
* Easy to follow the TV shows you’re watching
* See upcoming episodes, seasons and shows
* TV time alerts for next episodes
* Use the TV tracker to remember where you are
* See what’s trending now on TV, and follow the most trending shows
* View the next episode you should watch, and the episode information
* Overview of all the upcoming episodes and those you didn’t watch yet.
* count the number of episodes you didn’t watch yet
* Trakt.tv sync
* With Hobi you feel like it’s your ultimate TV time
* Never forget your favorite TV show
* Smart reminder for each series
* Remind me feature included
* Become the best fan tv
* Get notified when new episodes are available
* New releases notifications will be sent to you each time new seasons are available
* Best TVshow app
* Explore trended and Top-rated TV shows
* Follow your favorite TVshow time after time
* Use Hobi if you need a great TV series manager
* Detailed information about the episodes you watched
* back-up your entire watched episodes watched list


Current Domain: https://hobiapp.com/

4-Moviebase: Manage Movies & TV Shows

CineTrak lets you find the best Movies and TV Shows, build your watchlists and check reviews
and ratings from multiple sources such as Trakt, IMDB, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes.
CineTrak is built on Google Material Design and offers a gamified environment which makes watching Movies and TV shows more fun and entertaining.

Features of This App

Fill your backlog with movies and shows chosen from a wide variety of lists.
Trending movies, Most Watched movies, Box Office movies are just a few of the lists you can access.
Never lose track of your TV shows and easily manage your progress
Need help choosing your next Comedy movie? The Genre section is there to help!
We also help you select the best movies from a wide variety of carefully prepared Curated Lists and Staff Picks.
Take advantage of easy-to-use gestures that help you perform tasks in a more enjoyable way


Current Domain: https://www.moviebase.app/


5- Filmize – Free Movies Streaming App


Filmzie is a free and 100% legal platform for streaming high-quality movies, mostly from independent filmmakers and small studios. Our goal is to support the independent movie industry, reward filmmakers for their exceptional films and broaden the film community.

Every time our users watch a film on Filmzie, short ads will play that help fund our project and the filmmakers who provide their works to our platform.

There are so many great films out there from extremely talented filmmakers that just don’t get seen by the general public. We are here to change that!

Filmzie has tons of exceptional FREE content, including award-winning movies, the best in independent film, mind-blowing shorts, family movies, enlightening documentaries, and much more.

Features of This App

  • Hundreds of hours of FREE HD quality movies
    • New movies added regularly
    • Indie film scene with the best movies and shorts from renowned independent filmmakers
    • No subscriptions, no fees – completely FREE movie streaming
    • By watching our movies, you support independent filmmakers and small studio productions

Current Domain: https://filmzie.com/


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